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Introduction - Since I was a little kid I’ve been telling stories, whether as lies or as interesting short stories for grade school.  I grew up around many in film, the arts, and maybe a few teen actresses from the Long Island Film Commission glory days in New York.  Many lives me, and everyone from that generations have lived.  

I was working to find an answer to the 90’s, and beyond, when I fell off a ladder, and suffered a slight brain injury that cleared me with a nice settlement enabling me to focus on writing, and focus on what stories I really wanted to tell.

That was the funny thing.  I found the answer in my injury travels.  The pain of the 90’s. 
The best way to explain what I found, is to explain where my screenplay The Death of Jeremy originated. 
The screenplay is Gossip Girl meets Clockwork Orange.  The location is negotiable throughout the world.  Take a look.  But remember on thing before you take a look at the location of the script.  The real locations of the screenplay might be new york city, and long island where I worked for the suffolk county film commission, went to Stony Brook University, and grew up with people like Natalie Portman and Lindsay Lohan among others.  The answer.  To life that I found from growing up in the 90's on Long Island in New York.  The famed prep art school Juliard, meets Clockwork Orange and Eyes Wide Shut.

The Death of Jeremy

Le meilleur écrivain  |  Best Writer — David Seader // The Death of Jeremy

“The Death of Jeremy” by David A. Seader, is as interesting as it is intriguing. Taking place in the late 80’s, the story bounces between past and present, going through the life of character; Kyle Shaw and the memories which haunt him. The story ventures into the dark and unknown side of the U.S., where governmental and secret agencies are working together to build the world of tomorrow...And what would be more surprising than discovering that some of the greatest companies of our century were invented by groups of children?

That is where David A. Seader gets us.. Into a world interpolating between future and past. With a particular attention to detail, his description of the world around his story tends to blend reality and fiction. Not only limiting itself to a “classic” sci-fi movie, “The Death of Jeremy” also treats important themes such as the arrival of new technologies and what impacts they can have on our day-to-day lives. Akin to Plato’s 'Allegory of the Cave', David A. Seader’s story leads us to think more, and pay attention to what really matters in a world that might get us back in the caves of complacent “non-questioning”. To conclude, it is a great story that its writer is giving us here, with high potential for development, which gets into some deep and important topics. It is a screenplay that deserves not only attention, but which must be followed up; it is a story that just awaits to be produced.

— Maronui Taimana, PRIX ROYAL Paris Screenplay Awards

Culver City Film Festival - Best Feature Drama Screenplay
PRIX ROYAL Paris Screenplay Awards - Best Writer  (https://www.prixroyal.fr/remarques-writeups)
Near Nazareth Festival - Finalist
Hollywood Gold Awards - Finalist
Zed Fest Film Festival Screenplay Competition - Semi-finalist
Festigious Los Angeles -nominee
Chicago Indie Film Awards - nominee
Los Angeles Film Awards - nominee
International Independent Film Awards - nominee

selected for in competition - 
The Amsterdam World International Film Festival
CFK International Film Festival
Best Script Awards
Cinema World Fest Awards
Queen Palm International Film Festival
Silver State Film Festival
Top Shorts Festival

Hamptons Film Screenwriters Lab
The Long Island Film Expo

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